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These are the " pollíticos prisoners " to be iberados to enter a dialogue with the Government and not of Nicolas Maduro. " Pure Jesis children "

April 8, 2014 - . Given the violent actions recorded in the country since mid- February this year , aimed and directed by elements of the opposition , including Maria Machado and Leopoldo Lopez , President of the Republic , Nicolas Maduro , has repeatedly called the spokesman for the right to participate in the dialogue as a suitable way to achieve peace.
The call, made ​​at various times , it has spread to all sectors of the country, especially members of political parties and leaders who oppose the Bolivarian government . However, before this, the response has always been permeated alluded constant conditions. One of them, the freedom to consider " political prisoners."
On Tuesday , following the developed separately yesterday meeting between the Head of State, the foreign ministers of UNASUR and opposition delegates , it is expected that the latter can finally sit down with the president , at the suggestion of the South American delegation now .
The meeting, however, may depend largely on the right emphasis on the subject cited above , so well worth asking who is Leopoldo López and Iván Simonovis main beneficiaries of a possible measure of release .
Lopez was arrested on 18 March, after it was warned by the Workers President to appear in court . By then it was required by the Public Ministry after leading the February 12 violence in downtown Caracas in which two persons were killed and attacked state institutions including the headquarters of the prosecution itself .
Even in custody , was indicted on charges of public incitement , property damage degree of determiner , fire degree determiner and conspiracy , as reported last Friday, April 4 Attorney General of the Republic , Luisa Ortega Diaz.
Is the son of Leopoldo López Mendoza Antonieta Lopez , former Manager of Public Affairs Division of PDVSA Services , Oil & Gas SA , charged by the prosecution , in March 2013 , for the alleged commission of embezzlement during intentional the alleged irregularities in two grants made ​​by state-owned Petroleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA ) on dates September 11 and December 23, 1998 , the First Civil Justice Association ( ACPJ ) genesis of the party organization would then have the same name.
This event generated a direct impact on Leopoldo Lopez , since to be favored - way traffic of influence , with the "donation" of seventy thousand seventy million bolivars (Bs 70,070,000.00 ) to be invested in getting a ACPJ was imputed administrative penalty of three years from 2008 .
Lopez also weighs about a second penalty of the same type that extends until 2014 , after illegally in November 2004 declared a partial diversion of funds , more than 2 thousand 743 million bolivars budgetary appropriations heading called " capital transfers Federal Entities " . This occurred during fiscal year 2002, when then exercised responsibilities as mayor of Chacao municipality .
Links to violence
Lopez 's story stands out not violence. On 11 April 2002 he was among those who led the opposition rally to Miraflores Palace in Caracas , which killed 19 people , led to the coup and kidnapping of then President Hugo Chavez.
The next day he participated in the persecution and illegal detention of then Interior and Justice Minister Ramon Rodriguez Chacin . However, the legal case against these facts ceased in December 2007 , thanks to an amnesty granted by President Chavez .
This year he led destabilizing actions in the country through the so called " guarimbas " . The strategy consists of violent and systematic attack against the public peace and quiet manner and cause "repressive " action of the forces of the state, to encourage a civilian-military uprising, delegitimize the government and force a foreign intervention.
He is currently detained in Ramo Verde , Los Teques , Miranda state .
His call to violence has left 39 people killed, 31 of them are civilians and other police, military and one of the Public Ministry ( MP ) officers . Similarly, 608 injuries were recorded , of which 414 are civilians and 194 police and military , and property to the Nation and to private property damage.
The case Simonovis
Full freedom of Ivan Simonovis - who meets since 2009 , 30-year sentence for crimes against humanity, also part of the menu condition Venezuelan right-wing leaders to engage in dialogue with the Executive .
In 2002, he was secretary Simonovis Security Metropolitan Mayor of Caracas by the fugitive Alfredo Peña. Among its functions the management of the Metropolitan Police , PM, safety body involved in the slaughter of Llaguno Bridge , which occurred during the coup in April this year was .
Simonovis , like former commissioners Lázaro Forero , Henry Vivas eight lower-ranking MP , were sentenced on April 3, 2009 to 30 years in prison for the crimes of homicide , accomplished , frustrated , able to attempt, very serious, serious , less serious injuries , misuse of firearms and war .
The former mayors guarimberos
Other actors of violence , also Justice Center are the former mayor of San Cristóbal, Daniel Ceballos, San Diego and the municipality of Carabobo, Vicenzo Scarano state. Both were arrested for defying the constitutional protection that forced them to prevent guarimbas in their respective jurisdictions .
Ceballos meets sentence of 12 months in prison for refusing to guarantee public order and peace. Even publicly clinched the actions of violent groups in the municipality tachirense was under his command.
The decision on him, taken by the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, is applied in accordance with the provisions of Article 31 of the Law on Protection of Rights and Constitutional Guarantees , which provides imprisonment between six and 15 months for those who violate constitutional protection .
Vicenzo Scarano , meanwhile , was sentenced to 10 months in prison for having flouted equally the ruling of the Constitutional Court ordering him to take the necessary action to prevent the placement of barricades in the jurisdiction.

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